Therapeutic and Regenerative Medicine

There are many options available when it comes to interarticular joint injections.

Lameness remains an important source of reduced performance in many types of horses. Pain referable to joints is among the most common causes, and intra-articular injections remain a common and important means of addressing lameness referable to joints in horses. The therapy options are tailored to the specific source of the lameness and frequently vary based on individual horse and owner goals. We offer the following;






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Out of clinic appointments.

We can do most procedures from the comfort of your barn as we are equipped with portable x-ray and ultrasound machines.

X-ray capability is a necessity for diagnosing many medical issues, its puts a picture and a degree of severity to osteoarthritis. navicular disease, laminitis and chip fractures or OCD lesions in joints.

Our GE logiq E system has excellent imaging capabilities used to evaluate the musculoskeltal system ad internal organs. Ultrasound evaluation can be performed on tendons, ligamnets and joints.

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