Momentum Equine is staffed with two board certified surgeons and registered veterinary technictions.

Here at Momentum Equine we offer the following surgeries:

  • Abdominal Surgery: Colic Surgeries, Exploratory Celiotomies, Ovariectomies
  • Airway Problems
  • Arthroscopic Surgery
  • Castrations: Routine Castrations, Cryptorchid Castrations
  • Cribbing Surgery
  • Kissing Spine Surgery
  • Dental Surgery: Teeth Extractions
  • Head & Neck Procedures: Guttural Pouch Problems, Sinus Trephination and Exploration, and Dental Procedures
  • Neonatal Surgery: Umbilical Cord Removal, Neonatal Hernias, Umbilical and Inguinal Hernia Repairs, Ruptured Bladder Repair, Crooked Legs.
  • Ophthalmic Surgery: Enucleation (Eye Removal), Third Eyelid Resection
  • Orthopedic Surgery: Arthroscopy, Splint Removal, Sequestrum Removal Procedures, Neurectomies, Traumatic Injuries, and fracture repair.
  • Tendon & Ligaments: Stem Cell Injections, Inferior and Superior Check Ligament, Transections