Pre-purchase Exams


Whether you are looking for a horse to use for competition, pleasure, or breeding, it is important to have a prospect thoroughly examined to determine if they will best fit your needs.  A pre-purchase exam will provide you with more information needed to make an informed decision on your purchase.

All exams include a thorough physical exam from head to tail, a conformation study, and a comprehensive soundness evaluation.  Since each exam will be custom-tailored to your goals, they may also include digital radiographs (can be sent to your veterinarian at the time of exam), digital ultrasound, endoscopic evaluation, drug testing, and/or a reproductive exam.

Once the pre-purchase exam is complete, the doctor will be able to present you with information regarding existing conditions and the horse’s current state of health.  They will not pass or fail the horse but provide you with information so that you can be informed to make your decision.  Although the veterinary exam is only part of the decision to buy or not to buy a horse, investing in a pre-purchase exam can help you identify a horse that will be able to meet your expectations.