X-ray capability is a necessity for diagnosing many medical issues and for the evaluation of lameness. It puts a picture and a degree of severity to osteoarthritis, navicular disease, laminitis and chip fractures or OCD lesions in joints. Momentum Equine is proud to offer the latest in technology, portability and connectivity. We utilize in-field tablets with cannon wireless digital radiography plates. The cannon digital radiography plate has a decreased radiation requirements making the unit powerful enough to x-ray the head, neck, portions of the back, and legs of all horses and the lungs and the abdomen of smaller horses.

The benefits of digital radiology are many, including superior imaging quality to enhance diagnostic ability as well as e-mail images while at the clinic or at your farm.


Digital ultrasound allows us to noninvasively diagnose soft tissue injuries involved in lameness problems (tendon, ligaments, bursas) as well as visualize the soft tissues of the heart, lungs, abdomen, eye and soft tissue swelling of the skin.

Momentum Equine is equipped with a high resolution, digital ultrasound machine. With multiple ultrasound probes, our GE logiq E system has excellent imaging capabilities used to evaluate the musculoskeletal system and internal organs. Ultrasound evaluation can be performed on tendons, ligaments, and joints, but also enhances colic diagnosis and potential treatment options. Like the x-ray unit it is fully digital and your images can be emailed promptly. It also can image diseases using 3D technology and color Doppler if needed.


Evaluation of the horse’s respiratory tract is easily visualized using an endoscope. This simple, talented tool is a long thin camera that is passed up the horses nose, into the throat and down in to the lungs. This technology is used to help us diagnose and culture diseases like sinus and guttural pouch infections, pneumonia, nasal tumors or infection, and visualize anatomical and functional diseases of the throat. The image quality of our Olympus digital 1 m video endoscope is second to none.




Our high definition 3m scope is the best way to accurately diagnose the presence and severity of ulcers in the stomach. Horses are required to be fasted for 24 hours and water withheld for 8 hours prior to scoping. The procedure can be easily performed at our facility under light sedation.